Band Members

Mark Jackson - Vocals, Guitar

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist from New Zealand who formed Medicine Hat in the early 90's with Bassist Jon Brown and Guitarist Steve Loveday. Inspired early on by Southern Rock, Country and Hard Rock, Jackson has spent the years in between touring in Europe and North America, releasing albums, videos, singles and teaching, as well as occasional songwriting for Country artists along with co-writing/performing on the Southern Gothic Black Lightning album. He has also written/performed/produced radio jingles for various stations including Bob Harris show for BBC Radio 2. Medicine Hat however, has always been the centre of his musical works and he continues to bring Hard Rockin' Country to an enthusiastic audience.

Jon Brown - Bass, Vocals

Jon (JB) was one of the original members of Medicine Hat along with Mark Jackson  and Fred Avesque who were in a London circuit band Tour De Force, which evolved in to the more Southern sounding Medicine Hat .  Tour De Force had a  regular residency at the old Marquee Club in Wardour Street. JB also introduced Stevie 'Van' Gough to the more recent Medicine Hat after knowing him for several years. They met at the infamous Soundhouse clubs run by the self styled impresario Neal Kay, playing in various bands.
JBs musical interests vary from The Stranglers,  Skynyrd and Power Rock Trios such as the Pat Travers Band and anything with a high bass mix.  JB primarily uses Fender Jazz Bass guitars.

Steve 'Van' Gough - Guitar

Steve started hearing something he really loved at an early age, he eventually realised it was a guitar. After a while, his best friend's Dad handed one two him and said 'It's yours Steve, play it'. It was a beaten up old acoustic, was his beaten up old acoustic! After hearing Van Halen for the first time and his older brother buying him his first electric guitar, things moved on a pace!!! Fast forward a few years, and Steve met JB at The Soundhouse rock club and a mutual appreciation of various bands led to jamming together and various projects. After various 'nearly' bands, Steve stepped away from music for quite a while but kept his hand in, playing here and there and recording some stuff. Some years later, a chance to play with Medicine Hat came along and that's where we find ourselves now, Steve's never looked back.......

Chris Borsberry - Guitar, Vocals

The Hertfordshire Hillbilly was raised on his parents huge record collection, with a Drummer for a brother and a sister who could play “pretty much anything!”. “My parents would drag me to smoky bars and clubs to see bands and I fell in love with guitar.”
Playing in bands from the age of 12, Chris went on to start a covers band (Final Demand) with his father on bass, his brother on drums and two family friends and would regularly play 2-3 nights a week on the pub and club circuit in and around London. During this time Final Demand played a festival...along with a certain 'other band'… “I was 15 and a guy I worked with at the guitar shop was in the 'other band' which had just finished recording a single, so I stuck around at the festival and fell in love with that band” - That band was of course Medicine Hat.
After touring the world with Thai superstar Sek Loso, Chris returned home to marry and start a family. “I had just got home and had decided I want to start a band for me that was the two things I love: Country and Rock, that’s when I saw an advert for a band wanting a Guitarist - I knew it was the band for me!”
Chris loves: Convoy, Dukes of Hazard, Smokey and the Bandit and Telecasters…. Oh yeah, and his Wife and two Daughters!

Phil Bryant - Drums

Phil has been playing in bands continuously since he was 15, ranging from Heavy rock, Metal, Prog, Glam, Blues and now a particular favourite Southern rock. He has won best drummer awards in local rock competitions and has played all the major venues in the Cambridgeshire area. In recent years he has become a sought after Live and Studio player, bringing many years of experience to work with many of the areas most popular bands. His drum influences include John Bonham (Led Zep), Phil Rudd (AC/DC), Clive Burr (Original Iron Maiden drummer) and Jackson "Thunderfoot" Spires (Blackfoot). His drum kit is a very distinctive Vintage Clear blue Ludwig Vistalite power tom set with 24inch bass drum, Evans blue Hydraulic heads, a Ludwig 406 Supraphonic snare and a selection of Paiste, Sabian and Zildjian cymbals.
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